Early leaf Issue?

Big bomb autos in Happy Frog soil/5 gallon fabric pots for three weeks. Overall the plants look healthy but I noticed some discoloration in a couple of leaves this morning. I’ve been watering every 4 days with a gallon of distilled water with 4mL of CaMag, 4mL of Silca. Four days ago, I added 2mL of FloroBloom nutes for the first time - pH balanced to about 6.0 every time. The gallon is equally distributed among three plants with maybe 10 percent runoff. I’d like to catch the issue quickly - as you can see I made my share of mistakes with my older plants that are my first grow.

I assume that dark leaf came from the darker plant in the last photo. The leaf variegation looks genetic and is nothing to worry about. That particular plant looks like it is getting too much nitrogen. Not bad enough to worry about at this point. It doesn’t look like you’ve added nitrogen yet from the text of your post, but I’d be careful adding it at this point given the dark color. Happy Frog isn’t usually very hot, but we do see problems occasionally.

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I am curious to know for sure what is happening there. Still learning too.

@Covertgrower I see some nitrogen excess as @MidwestGuy said. Maybe the excess is causing a Calcium lockout causing that stretched spots? Also is the PH slightly low for soil?


How close are your lights and are those top leaves looks like heat issues to me

I bet your onto something with the Nitrogen. I did add a couple of teaspoons of FloroNova Bloom, which is 4-8-7 for the first time 4 days ago. I bet I’m making the same mistake I did with those other plants and am already adding too many nutes. Thankfully I didn’t add any more today. Thank you!

I made the same mistake with those older plants in the photo. I bet your right adding that FloroBloom too early to a hot soil. If it gets worse I think I’ll flush and just stick to water with the calmag and Silica. Thanks for your help!

I’m probably 15 or so inches from my HLG 360s but I have them turned up since my other plants are getting ready to harvest. When I was comparing photos online to what is happening they do look very similar to the ones getting too much light. They are in the middle area of the plant, if that makes a difference or not. Thank you :0

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I would do a PHed flush at 6.5. The sweet range for soil is 6.2-6.8. Test also the runoff PH that should be also in that range.

I’ll do exactly that if things look worse tomorrow morning. I am double checking pH indicator drops that came with my pH up/down that seem to think 6.0 is the optimal range for soil nute absorption but it’s not Cannabis specific, because everything I’ve read recommends a bit higher for soil.

The strips to measure the PH are not accurate. A digital ph meter as the Apera ph20 is very recommended by growers here.