Early flowering

I have white widow auto seeded 8 weeks ago they are 10 to 12" and showing the first sign of flowering is this right?


Sounds reasonable to me. I would have thought maybe a little sooner for pre-flower.

And welcome to the ILGM forums :slight_smile:

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Mine started showing at I wanna say like 26days or somethin haha

Day 29 from sprout I went back and checked

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txs Hawkeye,so I should not be worried, because I feel they are to small and so I won’t get a decent crop

txs,Matthew, but the are single stem no branches and just +/- 10”, so I can expect a normal crop if all goes well ?

Let others weigh in that was only my experience brother.
If you want you can full out a support ticket and then everyone on here can get a clearer picture of what’s going on brother. Just in my opinion and let some of the other and the mentors evaluate the pictures and the information an put their 2 cents in

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txs bus I’ll do that,
happy growing

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Any chance you can post a pic?

My WWA went into preflower at week three…

And they flew from there…an inch a day at some points…really spoiled me when I started California Dream photos and they are like watching grass grow…HAHA