Early Budding plants

Just wondering, if when one plants goes to bud , can it make the others turn?? Myself and a few others plants are all turning to bud months to early. Its as if there all autos, but there not. outdoor grows all of them.

It would make sense that if there’s enough darkness for one plant to bloom, there’s enough for all of them to bloom. :grinning:

It’s November if they are all outside they should all be flowering or even finished flowering by now unless you are living on the equator
When were they planted

Im in Australia, our season is from September to may, ,should not be in flower until February at earliest.

Outside plants 14 hours of sunshine atm, its not just my plants , so many over here in Australia are saying same thing

A 10 hour dark period can do it. In the northern hemisphere, at the 46th parallel, I see 1st buds in mid July, depending on the strain.

Again, it would seem as if they’re flowering naturally, due to the light.

I just find it strange ,when ive done the same thing every year for 30 odd years and its never happened to me before, its still spring here not even summer yet.looks like ill be putting more beans down , im used to getting 10 + pounds each year and with whats there ill be lucky to get 10 ounces that will not do me a year, i put 3 pounds away for the year to smoke .


Wow you smoke 3 pounds a year Damn!!!
That’s like an ounce a week


Heck you may have a new trend. Early budding. Maybe global warming?

IF everyone else is saying the same thing…something is going on.

Would like to know how it turns out.

Thats about what i smoke , give or take a quarter.