DWC water level

I am wondering what the correct level of water for DWC bubbler in 2 gallon buckets. I am on my 4th grow and you guys have helped immensely. I have read Roberts and Ridleys bibles and neither broaches the subject. I have winged it and had the water up to the bottom of 3in baskets and then lowered when roots really start to take off. I have had some problems and wonder if it is because of high water level, sometimes I have it to middle of basket. Each grow the harvest is increasing so it isn’t all bad.
I would appreciate any and all advise, Thanks, Smitty.
PS, Roberts Gold Leaf kicks ass.

DWC should really never be higher than just barely touching the bottom of the basket or maybe even an inch below with air space between. If you have just transplanted a plant into a Hydroton basket, and the roots don’t reach the bottom of the basket, you can bring the water level higher up to the level the water will be barely reaching the roots, but then when roots poke out the bottom and sides drop the water to just below the basket.

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Thanks Mac, I appreciate all the help you, and the rest of the team have given me and other newbies.
Thanks again, Smitty

I agree. I like to keep the water level just above the bottom of the netpot. The plany whiling feeding will lower the water level, and needs to be re-topped every day, One rule to follow for top-off.

When topping off reservoir Never exceed the total amount of solution in the reservoir. This means you use for example 2 gallons of nutrients; You can top off using as much as 2 gallons of ph’d water, before having to completely refresh your solution. Hope this helpsa

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I have a small DWC . I have two inch rock wool in a three inch cups. The bottom has one layer of clay pellets. The rock wool is 80% covered in water with a six inch air stone.
Is this to much water ?

You will be just find - all ways good to ask

Let me set you on coarse here your net pot should not be submerged so your rock wool in turn also should not be submerged water level should be 1/2-3/4" below the bottom of the basket if your roots haven’t reached that far yet top feed or raise water slightly but don’t leave rockwool submerged :slight_smile:


I think your question is now answered :wink: