Dwc is for the birds! Politely speaking!

I don’t even know where to begin I think it was the fact that I jumped in face first into DWC and not having The experience or the knowledge of how the system works.
So now I’ve lost Sour Tangie, Super Lemon Mac, and now my BEAST! Vemon OG! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:! 4 ft tall 4 ft wide!

And now I am trying to flower Blackjack in DWC just by using the GH products oh because I’m not sure how to flower the thing and I think my formula that I use in soil The fish and seaweed the molasses and bloom I have no idea what happened I just know that beast Didn’t like it didn’t go for it and just died so I am way discouraged and if blackjack doesn’t survive the whole process then I’ll never grow in Dwc again. Having roots get sucked up in the bubbler tube for the super lemon oh, sour Tangie got tangled up in the air stones and trying to untangle the mess killed it. And now mysteriously venom OG just shrivels up and dies. The ph casing is for the birds, ph all over the place even started at 5.6/5.7, hours later 6.7/6.8 I’m so effin over it. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated to help me get BLACKJACK to harvest in DWC

I don’t blame you. There’s going to be people say it’s the only way to go, and I’ve seen some nice grows using it, but it’s more than I want to take on. I’ve grown some pretty nice plants in soil.

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Thx Dex, yeah I’m way disappointed in this Dwc system. Vemon OG was 71/72 days old. I think if i get Blackjack in Dwc to harvest, then I may consider doing a few more, then flip them to flower. Not holding my breath though. I had a 3 ft by 3 ft within 28/30 days i believe, I have to go back and look to make sure days are accurate.

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You are experiencing all of the reasons why DWC is problematic. Setting up RDWC would solve most problems and guessing you need a chiller too. With proper equipment you would do fine as you got some nice big plants out of your effort.

I suggest a fine tune before giving up. @peachfuzz is my go to for hydro information.

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Yeah no way I’m ready to tackle something like that
Sorry for your losses

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Looks healthy but just not producing flower?
Did you set your photoperiod to 12 hours of darkness? How long has it been on the 12 hour flower inducing dark period?
I just had a ILGM auto Wedding Cake fail to flower. The other 5 flowered fine with a 18 hour light per day. But the one wedding cake didn’t flower until I set it to 12 hours of darkness. The it did this…

@LateNightGardner, I was at 18:6, with my timer. Then I gave her more sleep time I think it was 9 of darkness hours 10-7 trimmed up real good, she had about 20 flower sites, bud sites, or flowers, cut away a lot unnecessary leaves, and sucker branches, or suckers. Then I implemented my My feed schedule you know like I do with my soil Fish seaweed and bloom, instead of the GH flora series. The next day my cousin opened the tent and about shit himself when he saw Vemon OG, just drooping everywhere. We got it out got a whole new bucket of solution and GH products it look like it was going to revive and then all of a sudden the stalk started turning white, green was fading and started turning white. I cut all the droopy stocks out and didn’t wanna stand up on their own and tried to baby feeder put her in an empty bucket and just you know spray you know to get her to revive and I don’t know it didn’t happen so now you know what I know.

Okay, so if you’re having trouble with nutrients and PH you gotta check out Mantis Buffered Nutrients. It’s a one part nutrient, same feed ratios from seed to harvest @ 5mL nutrient solution to every 1L water. It works extremely well in DWC because you never have to change out the nutrient solution as it’s just the one part. I fricken preach this stuff lol… Also, it’s buffered so it keeps the PH between 5.7 and 6.2 at all times. I could never get the hang of growing at all. This stuff literally makes growing fun and easy in pretty much any system.

I would make sure you have them on 12 hours dark for a week and see if your getting them flowers to bloom. In the wild, as you know, there is some dark days during the fall. So make it a week of 12 hours of dark and some light reduction, turn down your leds to 80%, the first two days.

Keep your daytime temp below 85 if you can.

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@Jakecan, wow! Hey man thx for the tip. I will look into this for sure. Hell I just looked at the picture and I already like it just because I don’t have to mess with that PH shit. I think if blackjack fails to flower the 37 flowers or sites or leads however you guys see it out here then I’m going back to soil, to grow monsters, tried and true! you guys can keep this DWC

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@LateNightGardner, yeah before I jumped in the 12:12 I want to acclimate them that’s how I do it do you know cause I’m always run an 18:6, so I give them nine for a couple of days and then I bump it up to 12. @ 80% light. And with my 4000 light, if I turn it up to 100% in my 4 x 4 tent it gets real hot then I have to open it up bring out the box fan turn the AC down. So that has been a problem from the get keeping it 84/85 is rough