DWC D2W yellowing/wilting/drooping?

2nd grow DWC D2W what causes this?

One feels pretty crispy, they are sitting around 350-400ppm and temps sit around 65-69 F give or take, I let the ph drift back to 6 around a day or so(might be my pen losing calibration?) then drop back down to 5.5/5.8, I really wanna do this type of grow but I feel like I’m missing a important tip, maybe I should just try coco since it’s similar and more benefits for my situation (trellis/just water nutes in like soil)

The first time I tried this and it happend, it looks like pythium or root rot but not sure, I have 3% h202 if needed but idk how much to exactly add, I also have added UC roots at 3ml/gal (the buckets holding 3gal). They have weird spotting a discoloration going on the leafs, would love to know
how to correct this, if I missed anything lmk thanks!

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Looks like the leaves got wet or were resting on the wet hydroton… it happens and I don’t see anything concerning Growmie :love_you_gesture:


This guy is on to something…
Your water level is probably too high and your hydrotone / clay balls are staying too moist…
You need to have your water level about 3 inches below your clay balls or basket that holds those clay balls… :wink:
You need to keep a dry trunk are problems will come…
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It seems like upping the temp in the tent a bit helps them perk up, i was ‘rinsing’ the medium of any salt solution build up during each res change a week maybe that could be the issue.