Durban poison no sugar on sugar leaves?

I have 3 durban poison plants, trichs are 10% amber, prob chop in 7 days. 2 of the 3 plants have little to no sugar on the sugar leaves?

. 2 of the 3 the pistols are not receding, Is that normal for this strain? day 57 of flower,

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I grew a durban poison a few years ago that had very little sugar. I can’t comment on how the flower was. I made hash out of the plant.

One of the three has receided pistols, these two are as the pict, chop them in 7 or let them go a lil longer? Some amber trichs on all. Thanks

ILGM has them as an 8 week flower. I’d be thinking about harvest.

That’s how you know they’re ready.

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