Durban foxtailing everywhere, is this normal in week 11

I have a durban just entering week 11 of flower, she was almost done and looking good, but i pollinated a neighboring plant and maybe got a tiny pollen on it. I found 1 seed so far on the durban. That was two weeks ago, and right after the pollination the plant put out white pistils and foxtails everywhere. The buds have grown quite a bit with this, although i know not optimal to foxtail. Should i cut, or wait. This is my first durban and pure sativa, so i know these can take a while to finish and foxtailing is somewhat normal, but I’m at a loss. One other factor, around same time i took light from 12/12 to 10/14 to speed up the finish. Took it to 8/16 couple days ago. This could be the cause as well. I keep checking the trichs and they seem clearish but I’m not the best judge, tons of white pistils.


That beast is packing on weight! Nothing to complain about there. Let her finish and enjoy the stupid amount of medicine you’re going to get.

Also, check for light leaks. I’m guessing you’ve got light coming in during the dark period.


@3high5you no light leaks, but i did flip the light on during dark period two days in a row to harvest another plant. That may have done it. It was on maybe 10 min.

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I believe that at this point a shorter day period will retard the finish IMO.


That 10 min couldn’t have caused this. I agree that you should move back to 12/12 and see what she does.


I agree with the guys. Go back to the 12/12 schedule she needs more light.

When date did this DP Sprout?

And what date was first pistils?

I’d recommend double check the inside of your tent and make sure there are no lighted power strips or something else with a lighted switch. Or spot check your timer to make sure it is actually doing what you think it is doing. @Daytrayd

According to the seed shop, DP needs 7-9 weeks of flowering.


@bob31 First day of 12/12 was 9/23, showed pisils about 10-14 days later. There is no light, its dark as shit and a good tent. I think I may have left it on once a long time ago, where it may have been on 24 hours for 3 days, but that was well before the foxtailing I believe. Thing stretched like crazy so I’ve been bending all the way up to week 6 of flower. Thing smells incredible. I’ve just put it back to 12/12, I’d guess the 10/14 started this foxtailing. I read someone elses grow journal and they did this, said durban is used to 12/12 being at the equator for veg, so to finish it off they did 10/14, then 8/16. Dont believe everything you read, lol.

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@Daytrayd I have you at week 9 flowering. The average is 7-9 weeks (Meaning some go less, some go more! )

The 7-9 weeks is based on them getting 12 hours of light a day. You cutting that light amount down just makes it take longer to finish.


I’m with the others. She may very well go 12 plus weeks, for whatever reason. But I’ve got the calendar right in front of me. 9 weeks since pistils is 9 weeks of flower.

I would say at this point you treat the new growth just as if it had been there. When pistils start to slow down start watching trichs, harvest when they get to desired ripeness.


Check temp in tent

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@Fever Temp is good, consistently around 70-75