Ducting ac into grow tent

I’ve posted several times on several topics mostly seeking specific answers to problems I was experiencing. I’ve learned a lot from this forum. I’ve been growing for about 2 years in my garage. It’s not the best growing environment for any plant. In the summer temps can be as high as 95 in there.
I can control the humidity to some extent but the fans only helped reduce temps in the tent by 3 to 5 degrees. What to do?
My wife says “you’re handy. Why cant you run a flexible duct from the tent through the wall into the next room and draw the cool air to the tent with another inline fan.”
OMG. After buying 20 ft of 4 in insulated ac duct, clamps, and 5 in conector and using the inline fan i already have, tent temp is holding steady at 78 degree regardless of outside temp. It took a while to balance the two fans, one drawing into the tent the other extracting through carbon filter. The first inline is roughly the same as the extraction fan but has a veriable speed. I adjusted the speed so that the grow tent had a good fresh air exchange.
I have also changed my feeding schedule for General Hydroponics neuts. I have been in soil for all my grows but the one im on. And unfortunately I have been feeding too heavily all this time. I believe that by reducing environmental stress on my plants it will increase yields and grow bigger buds without the heavy feeding i was doing. We’ll see.


Sometimes you got to do what you got to do.