Dual lights, different heights?

Hey All,

Hopefully this is the right section of the forum to post in. I will be growing auto’s so I figured this would be ok.

Anyway, after my current grow, I want to buy another tent. One that can hold two plants efficiently. My plan in the long run is to start one plant in my current tent. About a month and a half later, I wanted to start a second plant in the new tent. A month and a half after that, I wanted to start a third plant in the same new tent.

I wanted to put two lights in my new tent but due to their different ages, the new plants will be different heights. Thus, my question. Is it ok to have two lights in the same tent at different heights? Same brand, same wattage. (spider 1000)

Thanks much for the feedback!

Yes it is ok for your lights to be set different in your tent

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Just remember to watch the heat and height.
Make sure the heat from the lower light isn’t impacting the taller plant.


You can also use something to raise the shorter plant up to the height of the talller… a box, milk crate upside down bucket etc…


Thank you all so much! I will try and get them far enough apart where the heat from one light one affect the taller plant.

PS, great idea @Pinboy !!

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Absolutely. I have 4 hlg 135’s in my flower room all different heights. It’s much easier to raise and lower lights than it is to keep moving the actual plant up and down.