Drying the weed

Hi folks. I am completely new at this and this is a premature question since I haven’t even started the germination process, but is it ok to dry my weed in a dark attic? It will be quite warm in there with very little light. Thanks.

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Attics usually aren’t very stable with the temps and RH, and that’s about the worst thing for long term storage. Now if you have a basement, that should be about perfect.


Great. Thanks very much for the response.

Ideally you will dry your buds at 60 F or close to it. My attic is way too hot for drying cannabis.


I just dry them in a pantry/closet.
But we dont have to worry about smell.

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welcome to the community. are you growing in a tent? i used my tent for drying. it was easy to control the environment.


Ive been thinking more and more about getting a tent just for drying


Welcome to the community ! The dark part is great. but the attic will be too hot weed will dry fast and taste like grass or hay. A slow dry is your best bet. Good luck