Drying my awesome blue dream

So at 103 days after dropping seeds in water, we harvested and wet trimmed our 6 blue dream plants. Buds have been in drying closet 1 week. The buds seem dry but the stems are still folding rather than snapping. What say you? Last grow the buds got quite dry, stems not snapping. Have air circulation, not directly on buds, about 78 degrees 40% relative humidity.


Forgot to attach pictures


Welcome to the community. Congratulations on your harvest it looks Super. I took the guess work out by getting a moisture meter. You check the buds and when they are at 12% they can be Jared or bagged which ever you do. Happy harvest :blush::v:


What @Flitme said is good advice, but if you think they feel dry, I’d go ahead and jar them up with a hygrometer and see what they read. You can always lay them back out for a day if the humidity goes over 63%.


Welcome to the community! Very nice buds! That 78° is going to dry them fast at 40%rh. Can make the smoke a little harsh. If you can get those numbers a little closer together, like 70°/50% (60/60 ideally), it also helps the buds not feel so airy and maintain density. But jeez those are some nice buds! Great job!


Gotta have pictures. Nice harvest and great looking buds. When they are at the stage you are describing I like to lay them out it bins. This allows the moisture in the stems to provide some natural moisture to the buds and thus extending the drying time. I do not grow and harvest that many plants at a time so doing this is an easy step for me.

I’ll put a few layers in a tote, add a hygrometer and burp the tote for a few days. In a day or so the exterior of the buds that felt crispy are nice and soft once again.

You can also see I dry trim. This is some of the same plant drying.

I do a light once over removing the larger leaves before putting them in the tote.


:arrow_up: All good advice above. :arrow_up:
Exactly my method except I do not have a pin type moisture meter (yet).


The buds have to really dense to get a decent reading or I have to jam it in to basically reach the stem. Doing this I might get a reading of 8 or 9. Then I try the stem just below the bud. It might show 15 or in the red indicating excess moisture. I know it is time to load a tote.

Has any one ever try using the moister meter without the pins, are they any better?