Drying marijuana why its still growing?

A question from a fellow grower:

Few of them are outside and doing well
but few indoor plants are starting to dry.

drying ones:

Good plants:

I’m not sure what the question is, is it why are my inside plants drying out?

Well it could be a number of reasons. Of course if you are continuing to water it, it isn’t really drying out, it is dying. As to why, well we have no idea with the very little info you have given us. It could be the plant is totally “finished” or beyond ripe, they will start to die after so long when continuing ti keep them under the 12/12 flowering light schedule. But it could be all sorts of other things too…

Let’s start with you filling out a support ticket and see if with additional information we might have a better idea what is gong on.

ILGM Support Tickett

What is the strain?
Indoor or Outdoor?
Size of space?
Soil or Hydro? Medium used?
Type of nutrients used? PPM levels?
Humidity %?
Light system/watts?
Vegetative Growth cycle or Bloom/Flower cycle? Number “weeks/days” from start of veg growth or flowering?

I’m seeing a lot of red in the stems, this could mean you are suffering from a calcium and/or magnesium deficiency. Either way it could very well be a deficiency(too little) or a toxicity(too much) of a few specific nutrients, this could also be contributed to from the soil being too hot, too wet, too alkali or too acidic. It’s hard to say but the “reddish brown” and kinda translucence of the stems could also be a sign of disease that can occur from being too hot or too wet in the growing medium.