Drying Day 4 and seeds

Went to check on my drying plant, been hanging since Sunday. Discovered my husband had the window open next to them this whole time. It was wide open so I could t tell from just looking at it. So it’s almost too dry already, and will spend tonight trimming everyone.
But then as I’m feeling the buds I notice SEEDS. Many MANY seeds. What happened? This was a feminized Seedsman seed and I never ever noticed a seed. All the other ladies were female that started with it. Do bees pollinate weed? What? Some help here? And what is the process for these seeds, can I start them and is it a flip as to whether they are male or female? Going to do some research but my mind is blown.
But I will say it smells fantastic. Not like the others that I grew indoors from the same time and seeds. Thoae smell like grass and were almost a total fail.


Likely self pollinated. They will be feminized seeds but could carry a strong hermie trait.


I’m curious to know the cultivar.

It really only takes a single pollen sac to pollinate an entire room. Some genotypes are prone to produce a few sacs really late, typically low on the plant; I noticed your plant had lower growth. I don’t advocate lollipop defoliation, but some cultivars seem to benefi.

Sacs are hard to find. When a plant truly goes hermaphrodite, it’s obvious. But a few sacs are just a natural survival mechanism.


I have hesitated to prune or trim my plants up to now, but I think I must start. I’ve been so worried about stressing my plants, but particularly didn’t want to leave any wounds when Growing outside, it seemed like it would have left it very vulnerable. Honestly I didn’t expect it to live to harvest, so this whole outside grow was a blast, zero expectations, little to no maintenance and now more seeds than I know what to do with. I’ve got a lot to learn.

Cultivators, meaning where did I get the original seeds? They were from seedsman as breeder, either a white widow or Alaskan purple, I confused the seeds early on. All feminized.

After the beautiful grow, and the massive Harvest LOL still got 40 plants out in the shed drying… then I have to look forward to the wonderful dry trim process, LOL actually I’m going to LIGHTLY spritz small amounts so they get LIGHTLY moist, trim all through the winter, but now that I’ve been lucky enough to start sampling all the stuff that I did wet trim and now its dry, I have found about 4 seeds in two different plants…then just found a few more, REALLLY BIG SEEDS but only those lol WEIRD, weird