Drying an curing

Hey y’all what’s up bin awhile so I got to harvest my planet of the grapes RBX an kept humidity in the 50s an mid to high 40s temps were in 70s an even kept the same temps n humidity for drying yet my 2 main coles dried within a week n were in a closet n I left good mount leaves on her an still she dried within few days but ain’t fully dry yet … I’ll say later in day she should be dry enough


I like using the wedryer after I washed and hanged my harvest. I usually have a string contraption for that hanging temperature 65-ish degrees and two fan circulating with the windows open until it dries from washing. Then to the Wedryer until I feel it’s crispy enough for my auto purpose buckets and Grove bags with boveda packs.
This is how I do mine you can ask a hundred growers and you may get a hundred different answers or variances a little. Everybody who has smoked mine couldn’t believe I grew that and they loved it especially the blueberry. Thank you I love growing :gift_heart: marijuana shop and forum. For me this site there was a lot of ways I could have went when I was buying my setup 2k worth of stuff. I went with fox farm products thanks. it set up so easy even a caveman can do it.


The general #s ive been told is 60Rh and 60 degrees ±.


In my experience temps can vary between 55f and 70f but humidity is important for me. If it dries too fast you loose flavor and dried to slow it’s possible to get mold. Especially if hanging the whole plant like I do. For me it’s a slow dry. When permitting I also shoot for the 60/60. If low humidity don’t wet trim. If high humidity then wet trim and have air flowing just not on the plant. Hope this helps.


Yea man it does cause now I’m trying my next plant like you suggested 60/60. Jus gotta grow another plant :grin: . An yes ilgm is awesome so many people hate on ilgm tho it’s crazy I branched out being money bin tight an damn people blaming ilgm for bad plants when im sure it is more like bad grower. I don’t judge but ilgm has bin great for me especially 4 yrs ago when I really got into growing an they finally added all new strains an now they got collaborating with someone…shut seems awesome


Wow you really go hard brother, I always wanted to try washing bud but idk

On your next grow take a couple of awesome buds still on the branches a little hydro peroxide water dip slowly turn left and right agitate it like a washing machine left right left right. Take it out hang upside down on anything hanging and make sure you have cardboard underneath there because it’s going to be a lot of drippage of water.
Then on the same bud that you’re drying the other way you can keep this bud as a experimental to see if it’s even worth it or just something that’s just BS lol.
Trust me the first time I grew I actually did really well and I was scared to do it it worked perfect. Think about how sticky your hands on you trying to wash them off with Palmolive and it’s still sticky and that’s with dam :beaver: soap :soap::bubbles:. Water beads off all the terpenes in this and that just make sure you don’t use hot water.


Wow thank you for info so I pour cup of hydro an take bud n left right left right like washing machine jus not to crazy an then pull out of hydrogen peroxide n hang bud ??? That’s it ???

I do about a half a cup every gallon of hydro peroxide and yes like I said above

Shake 3x after removing from bath.
first 24 hours after “wash” need good air flow to remove excess water.

“Washing” makes weed “softer”.
I try waterboarding my weed (8 hours submerged), before hanging in hopes of drowning the MF-hitchhikers.

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