Dryer vent split

So I’m going to move my tent to basement after this harvest. Right now I have my ventilation going out the window, stealthy. When I move to basement, I was thinking of putting a splitter on the already installed dryer vent output, and connect my tent and the dryer.

Has anyone done this and it been an issue? Should I put a damper at end of tent run so no dryer exhaust comes back down the tent exhaust when the fan is off? Any ideas are welcome.

Yes… :+1:

I’d be worried about any fabric softener scent pushing it’s way into the tent. I’ve smoked weed a few times that tasted like fabric softener and never could figure out why it had that taste, maybe I just found out :wink:

Or they were paranoid and stuck softener sheets in with their stash?

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Or the other way all your kids clothes will smell really good kinda skunky lol I think you would have to put a one way valve on both, if you could find some that seal really good


@outdooring Any issues with backflow?

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@Sativafan lol. That is one factor I had not thought of. I will add to my “maybe issue” section.

@MeEasy I would hope that the carbon filter would not allow that, so I’m glad kid is virtual for now.


Yes. I just vented mine out the dryer vent yesterday.

I did put a backflow prevention from the tent to the dryer.

My fan is always on in the tent so not too concerned about backflow from dryer to tent although I will probably add one at some point for peace of mind.

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Yeah, I guess if your tent fan is always on, and mine is, and your tent fan is running decently higher cfm than the dryer blower you’ll be ok. Not sure if dryer manufacturers list the cfm, as a consumer, never cared as long as it drys clothes :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t ever turn off the tent fan relying on a backflow valve though, I would think some air could get past it.

I love the smell of Gain, but on my clothes :joy:

@emgoldslo I just measured and my dryer out is 4" but I have a 6" tent exhaust. Obviously I’ll need to open it up or use a 6" to 4" adaptor, which is probably not the best move. Sucks as it goes through cement.

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I went with a 6 to 4 reducer. It does limit airflow a bit but so far seems to be running good.

I ran it without the back flow for a day while it was being shipped and that was a mistake.

Definitely adding a back flow prevention for tent too.

You got a damper on both the tent and dryer side?

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Just dryer right now. Ordered one for tent. One on tent not as critical as fan in tent always runs so dryer vent should back into tent

Nice. Just ordered a 4" by 4" by 6" Y splitter and a 4" damper. Still have a ways to go before I move to basement. My girls are just in ending week 3 in 12/12.

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Not anymore. I have only one exit and 2 tents. I engineered a oneway valve that fits in the tube with some cardboard and projector plastic… Seems to work…

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