Dry Ice

To all those growers out there looking to have the best smoke, if my memory serves me correctly, than using dry ice to alter the marijuana.can help?

Yes, using dry ice is one of the many ways to add CO2 to your grow room. More CO2 for your plant to breath generally means more vigorous healthy faster growth.

Also dry ice can be used in refining and concentrating the active constituents in marijuana as in “dry ice hash”.

Thanks for explaining how it works. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have a place where I can ask about Pot and determine what is true and what are rumors.

I know this was an old post, but would dry ice benefit me outdoors?

I make sure to pay attention to my breathing while around my girls. I know CO2 helps them and mine is free, but I can’t constantly be with them.

Would it be worth the money or just a waste? I know it’s also in the air for the girls, but wanting to enhance it because it gets so hot and humid here.

All thoughts welcomed.

Been giving my Gold Leaf girls a dry ice bath 24 hours every week. It’s as amazing as it was in 1967 on other strains.Just keep in mind it’s heavier than air and coming from a cold state.

So it should be elevated above my girls?