Droopy seedlings

White widow auto from ilgm in the potforpot method. Literally only given them 30ml water in a ring around the plant twice in 10 days

About 18 inches Under a marshydro sp250 cranked 100%

I would recommend to turn it down. It’s droopy because too much light. Dim the fixture. When vegging it really doesn’t need that much light.


feeding nutes? looks like nitrogen deficiency.

I also have flowering plants in the same tent is my issue with that. Should I put more distance between them and the light? I have them sitting on a small stool to be at even height with my other plants

No it’s in a potforpot so I have only given water per instructions with the kit

Yes. That would be the best option.

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Update: Moved them down to 30 inches under the light, one is looking better but the other not so much. Watering with distilled. Should I be doing something different? @Covertgrower

I think you’re doing everything right, and using distilled water it’ll take on the ph of the medium, but still looks like it’s lacking nitrogen or the ph is off. Any thoughts @dbrn32 pot for pot kit.

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Probably not enough water for plants to uptake nutrients.

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I started off easy on the water in fear of overwatering. Have increased giving about 10oz a watering every other day

I’ll quit worrying you guys and just let it ride. Hopefully it will straighten out

Good to remember that you can’t hurt a plant with a single watering no matter how much you give it. Over watering becomes a problem when the roots constantly remain soggy and can’t get any oxygen.