Dr Earth with Coco

I am in need of some help before its to late. I have learned that I love growing in Coco. I also like to experiment so I thought I would try Dr Earth dry for one of my three grows. The one I am using dry in is not growing very well, its in the seedling stage. The other two (using liquid) are doing well. Will dry work with Coco? If not I’m going to transplant before I loose the plant altogether. Or, am I being to quick to judge. I just read on line this is a bad idea, but I trust this group so I’m asking for your experience and help with this.


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When you say Dry, Do you mean Granular? If so, when you mix granular & coco for seedlings, you must FLUSH and always use Less than 1 teaspoon of granular per Gallon of coco/soil. You may use much more for transplants & Topdressing