Doubling up, is it worth it?

I’m growing 6 ‘manifolded’ ILGM Banana Kush plants (AN pH perfect, RO water, coco/perlite in Autopots) in a 4x4 tent. Currently I have one Optic6 that pulls 600W from the wall for a total of 600/16 = 37.5W/square foot. I believe 50W/square foot is considered good.

I have a second Optic6 panel that I could add to the setup to get to 75W/square foot but would it be worthwhile?

  • I can manage the additional heat but would the additional yield be worth the extra $$$ for power?
  • Higher light levels seem to bring out weird nute defs (any tips?)
  • Will I be hit the ‘CO2 wall’ at 75W/square foot? I can’t seal this room :frowning_face: so additional CO2 is a no-go

The BK is looking good and I’m hoping for my best harvest yet, it’s a little over 3 weeks since the 12/12 flip. Any thoughts?


could buy some of those hanging CO sheets…
mist with club soda for extra CO

until the 2nd or third week of flower.

Whats ur best yield to date out of ur 4x4?

@DVM you could combat the lack of co2 by increasing the amount of air exchange through the tent/grow room. This would also allow you to increase the light intensity by increasing air flow.
Light intensity does make for hungrier plants. You could increase the light slowly, and increase nutrients proportionally.


@tanlover442 @Covertgrower

Thanks for the ideas but I’m just starting week four of flower so it may be a bit late.


Good question & I don’t know. This is only my second grow in this setup. The previous grow was a mix of Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookie Extreme, the BB finished 2 weeks before the GSE and I was in a hurry to press some rosin (it had been a while since I had a smoke :frowning: ). I did get over 80 grams of mixed quality rosin tho so I think I did OK.

I had to install an additional breaker in my panel and now both panels are running from their own supply, it needed doing because just one light could trip the breaker when it turned on. That’s done and I setup the second Optic 6 tonight - yay!I also thinned out the foliage a little just to get some airflow around the plants.


Thinned, turned and fitted with a training bra …

Two suns is better than one, right? Need to get them hanging at the same height …

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Time for an update on the Banana Kush grow … It’s been 51 days since the flip to 12/12 but I have been subtracting ten days from that when counting the ‘flowering days’ so I call this day 41

Got some tip burn in the last couple of weeks, I’m using AN A+B at 75% of recommended dose and Ignitor/BigBud/Overdrive at 100%. Last grow suffered with tip burn when I started applying Big Bud and the same thing happened here. Note to self: use less big Bud next time

The plant in the back left corner is way bigger than the others and is starting to develop some purple leaves. I dont know if that’s good or bad or just purple

The buds are getting frosty and I swear there’s one or two amber trichs - Another couple of weeks and they might be done! ILGM says 56 days but I never had plants finish as fast as the breeder claims (no offence meant!)

My goal was to grow in the manifold/mainline style and get 8 fat colas from each plant with no fluff. I did not succeed :frowning: I think I should have continued to take off the side shoots during the stretch.

It doesn’t look like the yield is that great, my BB & GSE grow had bigger buds but that was only four plants in 6.6 gallon Autopot XLs. This grow is six plants in the smaller 3.9 gallon Autopots.

Was the extra light worth it? There’s plenty of trichs on the buds and good development below the top of the canopy so i’m going to call it a win

I have some upgrades planned for the next grow, maybe I will start a journal for that