Double air filtration needed at 6 weeks of flower in a 4x2 tent

Has anyone else needed to use a double air filtration for their 6+ week flower tent? I had to make a Double air filtration needed at 6 weeks of flower in my 4x2 tent. I could really smell my flower tent (first full run of zkittles, super skunk, and gelato) at 6weeks. I had a 6 inch vivosun fan and charcoal filter and ordered a new 8 inch vivosun fan and filter. I used the box from the 8inch filter to contain the 6 inch filter (charcoal filter is outside the tent) and wired the 8 inch hose to the box and threw a bath towel over the head of the box to direct most kf the air into the inch hose. Its good now but before it was very noticable outside the door and hallway. I had a new 6 inch filter at the begining of flower and last week (week 6) i needed to change it out with a new one. It helped a little bit but i could still smell the flowers.

Is this normal?

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Oh, i forgot to mention when i open the tent to do maintenance and watering, it really smells up the room like crazy. Im assuming nothing is gonna help that…

Maybe u have an issue with air flow, or “blinded carbon filters. I use 1x 6” carbon filter in my 2x4 and it expells no smell. Except when open.

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If possible exhaust to the outside would help.

Shoot us a pict of your plumbing and type of fan and filter. Size,brand,etc.

I exhaust to the outside like this. I have the best smelling front porch in the county, but no smell indoors.


This might help keep your room smelling not so dank

Vivosun 8 inch filter and blower for the second filter which is working great now and a 6 inch vivosun filter and blower. The first 6 inch filter was a vivosun as well.

The setup I have has a 770cfm rate and is wokrign great but that one is cheaper. I didnt knkw it existed until you posted it and i would have gotten that one if ibknew about ot to try it out

No way those filters don’t do the job unless they are done and need to be replaced. How old are the filters?

The original 6 inch filter has still good airflow but it was getting smelly. Id say the new filter was 50% better but you can defiantly smell it bad. I hear most people saying a single filter is fine but my single setup not doing its job at all.

Brand new. Well the origial filter was brand new 7 weeks ago when i started the flower session. I swapped it for a brand new 6 inch about a week ago and just last night i installed the 8 incher.

Need that pict. No reason for any smell with that equipment.

Ya its a nice add on when needed here and there