Dont know whats going on here

This is the 1st time getting buds so its hard to tell what normal and whats not can someone tell me if these 2 buds r normal 1 is different tgan the other does this mean something


Lookin good bro letum grow they just started flowering so give her 6 more weeks

They normal

@Coonass The bud on the left looks good it has all the characteristics of a bud like ( the long white hair ) but the bud on the right does not have these hair like features and it is missing the crystals on the leaves like the left side ?? Am i just freaking out or do you see what im talkin bout??

This is the one im saying is normal

This one looks different

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It is growing weird huh … looks like fox tailing but it’s to young for that i believe… does it have any seed sacks in it…

Looking good , Bud structure a little different She will be fine. ( Genetics )

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@anon1893985 what do seed sacks look like …again like i said this is my very 1st plant that has made it into the flowering stage

It’s cool probably just genetics

Seed Sacs, seeds dropped 7-1-2022

@DEEPDIVERDAVE i thought those were male parts , kind of like the pollen sacs that pop open and release the white powder pollen???

That’s a male plant imho

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You got it right. Pictures for reference and share. Males grow quicker, I think.

So does anyone have a pic of a seed sac???