Don't even think about it

An idea for what could certainly be considered NST or no stress training.
I currently have a rather shapely all natural WWA enjoying the deck life slurping on Bugabee Bourbon all day long and she’s very nearly perfect…
So what can I,equipped with the infinite wisdom acquired in 3 short months do to monkey this up in an effort to somehow improve on what millions of years of evolution left us.

I’m going to pretend I know what I’m talking about here for a while so…

The natural growth pattern for all Cannabis Plants is I think they call it apical dominance and as such if viewed from above ,looking straight down ,and envision a clocks face (for those of you old enough to know what a clock looks like complete with a face and moving hands and everything) as you would from that position and the typical growth would for instance be @ 12 / 3 / 6 / 9 on the face of the clock.
Well what if you were to slowly either tie off and alternately manipulate those branches etc. to 130 / 430 / 730 / 1030 so that they were no longer directly or immediately above or below another ?, but rather off set so that they may individually benefit from unrestricted access to sunlight.
And how far along into flower is it before you see trichomes expressed ?


I think the plant has offset the leaves in such a way as to benefit from the movement of the sun through the day.
During the day each leaf should get some sunlight.
Indoors your plan might be of great benefit though.
I may try it out.


My WWA just started putting trichs out a couple days ago. About 2 weeks in flower…


Also, @Spiney_norman is right. If you watch your plants throughout the day, the flowers and leaves will turn with the sun. Training isn’t very necessary outside unless you have a lot of shady areas.

Indoors, training is more common, as the light is in a fixed position. The sun is bright enough and moves enough to hit the flowers more than plenty.

I’m not saying don’t train them. It’s always fun to see what happens! I’m bending and clipping the hell outta my indoor photos. I just kinda let them go outside though, especially autos.


@Borderryan22 @Spiney_norman
It isn’t only exposure to sunlight that interests me but the room to grow upwards without colliding with the growth above as well as maximum exposure to light/air circulation/ any natural moisture, etc.
I guess the main thought being the plant would maintain its apical dominance and still have a main cola, it would just allow secondary bud sites the best possible conditions w/o ever stressing the plant.
Maybe I’m just whistling out my ass here…its not as if one of millions possibly billions of others who know more than I would not have thought of such a thing if there was indeed merit in the practice.

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I think you could be on to something. I think the only concern may be making sure the branches aren’t too close to the main so that airflow is maintained.

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I did not top or fim this plant. I gently bent her 45°

As you can see I cut nearly all the branches on the one side and ended up with a monster bush. I got over 3lbs dried and cured off of her.


clearly a sativa photo but what strain if you would share that please.

Black Widow from ILGM


well done sir. jeez. a beaut for certain.

i have quite a few hairs even more so and no trichomes to be seen.
i shall take a closer look next time they come out of the hot box.
perhaps im just blind.
2-11 which is the youngest but hairiest has a sort of shine on the leaves and they’re very dark green.I suspect a nitrogen surplus but what do i know.
my leaf temps are consistently higher than air temps which tells me they’re not aspirating efficiently,
Which also if i am not mistaken points in the direction of nitrogen surplus.
I cut their regular nutes to 25% and going with 100% of Bergmans plant booster which has 0.0% Nitrogen. Just for a couple of good feedings to run off. See how they react.

So those branches you removed were on the side closest to the ground?
That thing is amazing.
How old is it or rather was it?

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First picture was taken 8/14, 2nd and were taken 7/30, 4th was taken 10/7 the plant was started indoors 4/20 and put outside first week of June

Plant in front is the same plant taken 6/8
The plant in back was fim’d and yeilded almost twice as much at just over 5lbs dried and cured

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Yes thats a trampoline in the pond the wind blew it in there from 40ft away and over 2 6ft chain link fences and a dog run.

thats an amazing amount from a single plant.i assume its the same strain but man,how did it smoke?

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The other one was Banana Kush The Black Widow was/is better smoke. Im still smoking it.

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