Does this look right? Too skinny?

Oh, I grew her under a mars hydro ys 1000.
Amazon as well

Looks freakin yummy !

Use sunlight setting. If you have an iPhone, you need to tape a diffuser (strip of printer paper) over your camera. If you have an android then that’s not necessary. You want to hold it at your plant canopy level.


Sunlight setting even indoors?
And canopy? My babies are really young…I just put the camera lens right on top, at the highest point of my little girl, almost touching it. I think that’s what your saying. And it’s an Android luckily… One less friggin step I can screw up… lol
And it said to hold the phone perfectly level if possible.
I lowered the light quite a bit.
I’ll do it again on the sunlight setting. But it already looks better, not so strained trying to go the light with Carol Ann lol

Yeah, sunlight indoors. I’ve tested the App against a $500 light meter and it is most accurate with Sun setting. Led setting wasn’t too far off but Sun setting was close to the apogee meter reading. It’s not necessary, it’s just a helpful tool. You can watch the plant and it’ll tell you what it wants. That takes some experience, though. It’s easier to tell when a plant needs more light. It can be tricky to tell if a plant needs less light.


Yes @Audiofreak had you covered.

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@duhneese I didn’t notice your profile picture


That looks amazing, well done!

I also have a brand new (almost) LSD auto sprout. She’s 7 days old today. She also got a bit leggy. It will be easier once you get your tent up and light in. I hung my light fairly high in the tent and check DLI and use the dimmer to get the number I want. I’m slowly ramping her up from 10, to 15, today I’m using 20 DLI. (Same app as you are using.)

Hello from my Lucy to yours!

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@Fiz your Lucy looks much better than mine. :disappointed:

Your Lucy looks a couple of days behind mine, the pic I posted was her at 7 days, yours looks similar at 10 days.

I got a tiny desk fan and started giving her a little bit of breeze (mine is in a box to be sure her solo cup doesn’t fall over) right over the top of her, just to see the leaves stir. She has started building up her stem over the last two days or so.

She’s little, but she looks normal. Did you get your lights in?

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Yes I did… VIPARSPECTRA XS2000 LED Grow Light

I like them but I’m still trying to figure out using them lol.

My 6 hours of off time is dropping the temp quite a bit. It’s 65 in there right now… And I had to add a humidifier. Which is giving 60-70% humidity as opposed to no humidifier running 49-54%.

I’m getting different opinions on where it should actually be at this stage so I guess all I can do is wait it out to see what happens.

I’m 10 post sprout day… And have the two sets of leaves so I guess that means I’m in the seedling stage now??

I feel like such a friggin idiot here lol.

Luckily I have lots of “advisors” on here lol

I am a rank newbie, I just am growing the same strain as yours at the same time! But yes, she’s a seedling. The journals here change weeks on Sunday, but my Lucy is actually 16 days above ground today. I believe she is starting her veg phase, her fourth set of leaves will unfold later today.

I know weed likes to be cooler at night, and I know my tent typically drops to 68-69 overnight. But I’ve only been running my humidifier during the day, since my lights are set for DLI 25. My humidity runs in the 40s, low 50s at the most.