Does this look ready start to harvest or flush

I think the trichromes are starting to turn cloudy.25% could be but some are still clear.I have to cut off a piece so I can get a good look and I look before the leaf sits for over a minute.
The pistals are all very white and I thought hairs get thinner and change color before harvest.I did my 1st flush last night a second 12 hours later and PPM is 100 over base-line.I was hoping for two weeks later but if it’s ready in a few days next time I’ll flush earlier.
Main cola

I don’t think anyone can tell by these pictures, you are the one who is going to have to determine yourself by the way the trichomes look under magnification, these pictures under LED lighting doesn’t show anything as other than you have some nice colas with some trichomes developing on it.

Has this plant stopped producing new “pistils”?

The pistils weren’t done.
They look like empty seed sacs but have hair coming put and then they opened up and more hairs came out.
Do pistils carry seeds if female is fertile by male?

Yes, the pistils(stigma/style/hairs) are what grab on to the pollen floating around in the air from the male flower and bring the genetic material into the female flower(calyx/ovary/seed sac) to create the seed. If they remain un-fertilized by male pollen they will not produce seeds and continue to swell with trichomes, never really creating a true seed sac, and can become more potent than if fertilized by male pollen.

IN relation to being finished; As long as new pistils are forming, the plant is not finished yet.