Does this look like stretching?

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I’m gonna say no to the stretching. But they are definitely wanting a bigger container.


Airpots all the way!!

Shouldn’t spray anything on your plants while the lights are on, the droplets are like a tiny magnifying glass and will burn em
They’re a little long but simple fix is when you replant them cover the stem with soil to about 1/2 inch of the first leaves
I agree that they are ready for a larger pot


Thanks for the tip about the water droplets. This is my first grow. Do you guys really think it’s time to transplant already? I just put the seeds in on 12-21. When I do, I will be using 7 gallon fabric pots.


If they were full size solo you could let em go a little longer but with the 1/2 cup your roots are probably starting to circle the bottom looking for a way out. Personally I only use cups is to fix any stretch that might occur, never fails at least one plant with stretch sitting right next to all the others that didn’t. Unless it’s just my luck lol

Rule of thumb, if the leaves extend over the edges of the pot, it maybe time to uppot. Not always true, but its my usual cue.

U can always add more dirt to bury long stems. The plants adjust n start shooting roots from the stem. Pretty nifty.

Not exactly stretchy seedlings but getting there. More light intensity (lowering ur fixture or turning up the power) normally fixed this issue