Does this look like larvae or a shred of wood?

I’m growing Forget-me-nots as companions to boost humidity. I just drenched these gals in mosquito bit water because they’re not my primary concern. They seem to love being next to my Gary gals though.

I found this coppery shred on top of the soil. Is it a fungus gnat or do y’all think it’s just a shred of wood? If it’s larvae, I’ll let the FMNs freeze in a sandwich bag outside right now. What do y’all think? Is it larvae or just a sprig of wood pellet?

Looks like mouse turds


Doesn’t it?! That’s exactly what I said when I posted. I have d earth around the tent and the exit door of the room, so I’d know if anything traveled in/out. The mice prefer Nordstrom’s boxes, not drenched soil in 77*F.

The shred was juicy and coppery, but oxidized quickly. There were two on a piece of pearlite, so super small.

“Know thy enemy!” I wanna know exactly what a shred of fungus gnat larvae looks like. Did I find one? Does anyone have a monocled pic of one?

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Ty. Eww yes. It looked like that, but gorged with the reddish brown part. It was so coppery it shined in the tent. That’s what it was, a nearly oxidized fungus gnat. I guess treating with mosquito bit water made em come up to die. Cool.

Thank you for helping. It was what I thought it was. Eww. Do they occur naturally in FFHF or did I get a bad batch? I bought 2 cube and the batches were flying out of the bag (kept indoors) after about a week. I go to contact seller and see this charming reminder to shop local:

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Soils are full of living things. There’s no way to produce good soil and keep out nature.
The bags have small air holes and nature creeps in those too.

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They come free with the FF soils, at least every bag I have gotten recently. Could be from the garden center too, get some BTi and water it in early, or top dress with bits.


Aggh! I took a look at the larvae up close - and then the adults. Those suckers look like mosquitos - same kind of body shape and “hang”. Ugh. Will be vigilant now that warmer weather is on the way - I’ve been lucky to have bug free winter grows (so far).

I have drainage rocks on the bottom of pots to prevent anything from going in the bottom.

I have d earth around the tent, but it lowers my PH too much if I put it on soil, so I use a thin layer of sand on top. After watering, I just comb it back over.

I have mosquito bit water. I boil 16oz purified and soak bits in the bottle kept in tent. I drain seed and water with the juice.

Anything else I can do to deal with these mouse turd-looking pains?

Hey, that must be “Mini Mouse” shit!
Seriously though, try mixing in some diatomaceous earth in the top inch or 2 of soil for larvae control. It won’t hurt and it will work.


Squeeze it if its hard it maybe mouse poop or wood if it does squeeze all over ur fingers it was mostly a larvae or something

They reckon a good layer of perlite on top of ur soil is a good way to stop pest for what i have seen and read