Does the light cycle have to be 12/12? what if it was 13 light, 11 darkness?

My grow room has ventilation which lets in a very small amount of light for about 13 hours because of the sun. I have not forced them into flowering yet but that time is approaching quickly.

usually for the plant the hormone production the necessitates the change from veg to bloom is a gradual thing… but having serious light leaking issues can cause you some serious problems when you are in bloom… fix the light leaks as best you can or you may end up with a hermie or just a generally confused plant that wont complete its budding process.


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As @Oak said you gota fix that light coming into your grow area.
Or you will have problems later on.


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Take some extra ducting and make an S bend in it. This will stop light. It is what is used in kitchen sinks and such. It’s easy to stop light, it don’t like to bend

@nuthouse, I am also a new grower, so my word means nothing but here it is.
Ive been researching growing, hard, for 10 years and the number thing that every grower will tell you is that any light instrusion that disrupts that 12/12 cycle will kill you, in my mind though im like “its just an hour, and the interval is regular” take the advice of the regulars you notice on this forum(the most helpful have already commented above:slight_smile:) They know their stuff, and are super eager to help.
As @Givemefire mentioned, grab some extra ducting or a fitting, depending on the intensity of the light intrusion sometimes just a small 45° angle will solve it