Does size really matter?

Have WW autos and fast bud Girl Scout,all germed on same date,about 25 days old.
Growing in supa-soil,half strength seasol,ph perfect since start date,grow room kept
70-75deg,RH at 55-68% right through, 2 T5 HO at start then 400w growfresh Spider
cob LED start of veg.My prob is plants are at only 3rd set of leaves and 3-4 inches
high. On 18/6 light sched with rest of time in sun.Have had prob with gnats rec and
i know they can cause stunt issues.
My question, ,is there a definitive size plants should be at a given time in their life
cycle providing all the normal perameters are met.They seem otherwise healthy i just
don’t know if their inside projected outcomes for there age.Does anyone make any
sense from these ramblings of a complete numnut.12in pots by the way

That sounds about right, here is a pic of my white widow autos about that age, they broke the soil between apr.19 -apr.24…

This pics is on may 14, about 25 days for the oldest (5 gallon pots)…

This pics was yesterday, about 63 days old,

This is my first grow, so not sure what normal is yet, but yours sounds like they are about the spot mine were at that age…

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Hey ron,just add a few picsto. Still learning how to do this so try and bear with.

Firt GSC at 24 days,fairly healthy
2nd;WW,25 days
3rd WW 25days,issues with light burn & gnats?
4th; is Haze at 25days,fairly healthy except light burn or mg def.Help? Fimmed
5th; isWW 25 days but put st into finishing pot, Also topped
6th; is NLights,24 days old
7th;GSC 24 days
8th;GSC 25 days If anyone can see probs with any one of em,please inform me

What size are those blue containers?
Might be time to transplant them into bigger pots so they can stretch there legs.

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Hey mate,mostly 5in the blue ones,it’s a bit diff because only sm closet grow area so
got keep moving in & out. Only a rental

Those blue cups are way to small. Get them in bigger pots and you will see them explode with growth.

From what I’m told about autos 3 gallon pots are the best size. Though you are limited in space so you might not be able to go the 3 gallon route. But bigger then your current containers would most likely be better.
But if you are able to go with 3 gallons that’s what I would shoot for. It’s better to transplant as little as possible with autos. (Meaning if you can transplant once it’s ideal)