Does ILGM have a public PGP key

Im wondering if ILGM has a public PGP key so customers that are not in legal countries can encrypt their delivery details if they wish to do so.

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I remember reading this somewhere on here. Yes information is encrypted for protection. @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971

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Are you asking about sending seeds ?

@Hogmaster the OP is referring to when they post a picture, the information is encrypted so that the original location from where they posted is not revealed. Especially an illegal state, or country.

@Covertgrower @Hogmaster
This is what i am talking about.

An explanation video.

(I use PGP4usb myself as it is stored on a thumb drive an can be used on other pc’s)
The reason im asking is mainly for people like myself in nonlegal countries so they encrypt their delivery details on orders placed online if they wanted to do so.

So instead of sending my address details in email or whatever in plain text like this,
John Smith
123 Smith St
Smithsville 420710
I could do it like this using PGP encyption,


@Sth61The420State I’m fairly certain that your data is protected. Then again, I’m not part of the IT dept for ILGM. So I’m unable to confirm that for you. @Countryboyjvd1971 @latewood

Its more about sending your delivery info online in a safe way to prevent anyone reading it if it was intercepted. Not so much for ILGM’s data they store as it would be likely in a 420 friendly country. Although i think people’s delivery info like name etc shouldn’t be stored any longer than necessary anyway.
Not a problem if you use false details.

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And we have nothin to do with the seed side of it so I’m not able to answer that would be @latewood

Why not just use a fake email address? As far as information being passed back and forth between ILGM its encrypted by TLS. So use a fake email address and let TLS handle the encryption for POST data sent over HTTP/S. As far as if their servers or personal hard drive encrypted; that I wouldn’t know.

Fake email or fake shipping address ?
Don’t think a fake email address would be of any benefit. If there’s issues with an order ILGM would have to be able to contact you.
I think as far as TLS goes that’s fine for being covered for online shopping purposes but when u live in an illegal 420 country & want to protect yourself PGP is a good option for encrypting personal details yourself that you send online. It only takes one mistake to screwup your grow & growing again at that location. Takes a long time to fall off the LE radar, been there done that & hopefully never again.
Think I will email support regarding PGP unless @latewood can answer this one.

The question has been answered. TLS will encrypt your information while the information is being transmitted. PGP and TLS would accomplish the same thing; they are just different protocols and go about encrypting information differently. This is why secure websites that allow you to check your banking information, apply for credit cards, and enter your credit information use TLS (Because it completely secures information in transit). TLS is enough; and meets PCI compliance.

My question wasn’t about TLS or site encryption. I like to encrypt my own sensitive data & if I can do it myself with PGP for my shipping details I would prefer to. Don’t know where u live an the laws but here it’s not good, not so much the initial penalty but not being able to grow again at that location is a bummer.

Yah, that’s a good point; I have no clue how your government would handle information and privacy. With what I was saying about TLS, I would assume that ILGMs email server accept emails encrypted by that protocol. As long as they do; if you email from gmail or hotmail it would be sent encrypted. The only danger would be if ILGM mail servers didn’t accept that protocol. And on a side note; HTTP/S works for web based email services (which is what I am mostly talking about).
But I see your point about wanting to encrypt your own data; because of the dangers in your own country (you can be sure it’s being done instead of depending on others). I wish you luck brotha, and who knows; maybe ILGM will implement your idea for future customers.

The Australian government recently passed new anti-encryption laws allowing them to backdoor into encrypted services. Not sure if these tech companies are going to be too keen to do that as it creates weaknesses for all users.
I’m not too clued up on TLS but I believe you have to apply to a recognized/trusted issuer for a key. And I’d say you would have to empty your wallet for that to happen.
As for email services I steer clear of the regular ones like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc cos their servers aren’t that secure & emails are generally stored in plain text making it easy for someone to read your emails if they were compromised. I use Protonmail for emails as they store everything encrypted on a zero knowledge setup so even they can’t access your emails, or so they say. PM will decrypt encrypted emails sent to your inbox automatically which saves a lot time by not having to do it manually(Gmail etc I think will do that on paid accounts) Only problem with PM is your not in charge of your private key, its generated & stored by them so that’s a worry for the privacy nuts.
And I’m a big believer in encrypting your own data cos at least u know it’s being done & u only have yourself to blame if things go wrong.
Cheers from downunder😎

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