Does anyone really know

Does a flower or bud continue to ripen until it’s cured or does it stop as soon as you chop the girl down? Just curious

@Sirsmokes from what I’ve read, it continues to cure as it’s drying. And it continues to be smoother the longer it’s stored properly.

@Covertgrower like a fine wine or cigar… but what about the tricomes do they continue to ripen or stop if it’s 80 milky and 20 amber would those percentaurs change over the corse of say a 3 week cure

My mind wounder this type of shit. Like if you got a seed from reg with love and proper lighting would it or could it be considered as loud? Stupid shit like this is how i spend my time thinking

As far as I know, the trichomes stay as you harvest it. If you let them continue to do their thing, they’ll be all amber eventually, and have different effects. @Sirsmokes

That’s what I was thinking I just wasn’t sure if they continued untIL cured or when you cut her down

I don’t think there is a clear answer to your question. At some point when you cut them down the water or nutrients in the stems is no longer available and at that point they would stop doing anything else.

Does that happen the moment the stem is cut?

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That’s what I’m talking about @bob31 like a flower if you cut a rose does she not contain to feed until she’s dry?

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I think so until they use up all the water and nutrients in the stem and then they start dying.


I remember reading a similar question not long ago and I believe the answer turned out to be
That yes it stops maturing when you cut plant down but the curing actually make the tricombes and terpenoids smother and more potent but the tricombes stop getting darker @Sirsmokes

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Right on thank you @Countryboyjvd1971