Does anyone make their own alcohol? Whiskey, wine, beer or cider?

interesting… and that’s my bad I was on my phone and didn’t see the link - cheers dude, will let you know if i make some good beers.

Use to help my dad make wine in western NY. Was a great place for grapes in the Finger Lakes region. He made a barrel of it every year and it was not bad. Overall, I would buy mine if I had to make it, I could never seem to get it right. I did managed to keep a lot of my friends drunk off Dad’s wine. Two of my neighbors also made wine.


Making home brew can be a fun hobby and I guarantee there are numerous forums dedicated to the home brewer. You could easily find out more with a Google search. Making spirits is fun too, but I don’t believe anyone who started seriously making whiskey did it cause it was cheaper.

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Back in a day when I grew up in the North Moravian mountains ( Czech rep) man of my family made Slivovice ( plum brandy) it is an art my friend if you want to make it good, but a great medicine , that’s for sure…
Man, that bring a lot of memories…:slight_smile:


Often you will find that indifferent wine or wine that didn’t perform well on it’s own ends up being used for brandy. Usually it’s none the worse for it starting off as mediocre wine.


Slivovica ( original Moravian plum brandy) is made from fermented prunes which were picked up after first hard freeze, that bring up the natural sugar…
The true really good stuff has never any additional sugar added… That’s a big No, no…
Its usually very high proof 160-180, you drink it as a medicine…
My grandma used as a lotion for her arthritis…

It was true Holy Grail for mountain living back then :slight_smile:


I get the feeling that you are very young and ambitious … :wink:
I can see that you don’t always like to take advice and sometimes can be a little bit of a jerk… kind of a know it all…
But I get it… I’m still an old bastard of sorts myself… lol
I wish I could give you the magic numbers of the universe… but I’m just a guy like you… no better nor worse… :wink: don’t really believe there is such a thing as easy money or a free good time…
Only the enjoyment of the journey on where you are headed… :wink:

Keep being ambitious , I think it will take you far… just don’t get to crazy… :wink:
Sorry about the rambling… I might be on one… :wink: :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::laughing:



Hey Paisan-
This book is worth the money. It provides the fundamentals in a very concise way, all in one place versus scouring the net and cherry picking the best of the best. I tend to use it as a basic guideline and then tweak it to my own needs.
Big Book of Kombucha
They all suggest starting with 1 gallon but if you like the stuff at all, just go with a 2-2.5 gallon jug as the bigger ones in my photos. Otherwise you will not have enough finished product on hand.

It’s a lot like growing. You have the basics like light, water & nutes but countless variations of methodologies and results. For instance, you can fiddle with with alcohol content to raise or lower it outside the normal range with experience. You can brew it with coffee instead of tea. You can use pureed fruit in place of granulated sugar etc…

A lot of brewers monitor pH (of all things) to achieve consistency. I never have. I trust my taste buds

I tend to fly in the face of convention whenever I feel “conventional wisdom” is based more on convenience or someone else’s profit than practicality, and safety.
For example all sources tell us to sterilize everything with vinegar or hot soapy water…
Personally, I rinse it all thoroughly with cold tap water instead, period. Using vinegar can introduce vinegar eels and ruin your SCOBY. Why would anyone risk that?

Same with weed. Conventional wisdom, horticultural best practices, and decades of science tell us cannabis requires all it’s fan leaves to help produce the sugars that allow growth. I’ve been advised against defoliation by numerous growers and I still achieve heavier buds on the ones I’ve defoliated than the ones I’ve allowed most of the fan leaves to remain on.
I don’t deny that the science disagrees with my practices, but I can’t deny the visible evidence to the contrary.


Damn peach, you just summed me up entirely…! besides being devilishly handsome and loyal to my code :sunglasses:


Fiddling with alcohol levels you say? On my next cash injection il be sure to get the equipment willd, mushrooms, pot and home brewing, what a hobbiest i am becoming. Thanks man, some serious info there and i appreciate the effort.
Also, i did have a quick look online googling stuff but didnt find much that wasnt posted back in 2004 to 2010, so i thought id ask you lot (if you have something more important to be doing please dont reply! Im not hitler or forcing you to waste your time replying)

I’m a sharer Paisan,
Here ya go. In addition to any guidance I can provide you should try to connect with these people if you can and either buy a SCOBY and and starter or buy a couple of pints of kombucha and grow one big enough to brew with in<3 weeks yourself. I’m not saying to create a facebook account. That would be ludicrous. I’m more apt to advise people to delete their facebook account or just never create one, but you should be able to reach them by phone or email.

I don’t know whether or not Berlin is local to you or not but it’s a start. gotta love how few followers there are. It’s really a great hobby that gets you buzzed for a lot less $ than wine making, beer making, distilling or buying booze at retail, heaven forbid.
Looks like they were giving them away in Sept 2016 so the probably still do