Does anyone make their own alcohol? Whiskey, wine, beer or cider?

Hello fellow farmers of the beneficial erb.
Just thought id become more self sufficient and awesome by learning to brew some good whiskey, wine cider and beer. Does anyone here know how? Do it themselves? Got any tips for a newb?

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This is partly for the benefit of saving money, partly for fun.

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I’ve been doing it for a living for years. My advice is to buy it. It’s cheaper and better.


I brew kombucha. It’s about 2-3% ABV. Tasty pro-biotic drink you can flavor with cannabis tincture and so many other great foods!

Definitely <$$ than the 3.89-4.59/pint I see it selling for a Whole Foods, grocery, or the local co-ops


Which do you do for a living brewing, fermenting, distilling or a combination?

Urghhhh mannnn, what about moon shine, anything cheap to make that does the job? (besides white spirit for cleaning white boards ect) lol

Making moonshine can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doin. I’ve made a few batches and I still don’t like to do it often. And hinestly unless you learn from an ole timer you don’t know if you’re doin it correctly and you could be poisoning yourself.or anyone else that drinks it

Honestly the only difference between the stuff you buy in the stores and homemade is the proof really

what about cider and beer? just want to get drunk for less money… :cry:

When it’s all said and done, after you buy the kit, the equipment and all the ingredients it’s not that much you would be saving.

I think id appreciate it more, and not glug it like a fish if I made it. Plus its an uber cool hobby

It’s up to you, they make beer brewing kit, all you gotta do is Google it or YouTube how to brew your own beer. I wouod just take caution if you plan to try an distill it, like I said can be dangerous.

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@Mclovin777, beer is fairly straightforward to make. There are many storefronts that have everything you need as well as online. Remember that to make spirits you have to make a simple beer first. Then you need specialized equipment for distilling spirits. It also happens to be illegal in the U.S. to use it, not to own it. Proper heating of a still uses steam instead of open heat so safety is an issue.


Stop going to the bar drink at home thats the way to get drunk for cheaper lol couldn’t help it :wink:


I was hoping there would be some cheap easy way to make 1000s of pints or something :smiley: thanks for the info anyway peeps.

I don’t go to the bar! that’s the thing man, its still pricey if you drink every night (most nights) - usually just pleasure drinking.
Maybe wine is the way to go? I do love a good shiraz

Dont like wine but I drink very rarely but when I do it tends to me medium amount to alot lol, and i dont blame you i stay away from bars as well

I guess I’m a lightweight anymore. I still take a snap of 100 proof bourbon a few times a week. But honestly slugging down a cold fizzy pint of my home brewed kombucha gets me about as buzzed for pennies a serving. PLUS you can flavor it with cannabis glycerine tincture for 2x the fun.
It’s not the .1% crap they sell commercially. It’s more like 3-4 maybe 5% Alc by volume

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Hmmm 5% is exactly what I like, or stronger. Its cheap you say sir willd? how cheap we talking and what do I need to buy!

Cheap tea bags. granulated sugar a couple of 2 gallon brewing vessels and a pint of already made kombucha to get things going. I started saving the bottles for a few weeks before I started brewing instead of buying empty bottles.
check out my topic in my initial response.
I assume you can get kombucha in your country.
12-14 empty pint bottles with caps. I ended up buying a case of swing top bottles to supplement so I always have some ready to drink on hand between batches because it takes 7-14 days to brew then another 5-7 days to condition in the bottles.