Does anyone know where I can find such thing?

Question from a fellow grower:

‘ve been sitting on that question for a good minute, “what is my biggest problem?”… I live in Oklahoma. The biggest issue I face is humidity most of the year. I have a 6’x6’x8’ room in my garage with a 4’x4’x7’ grow tent inside. I’ve got the heat & humidity under control during the cold winter days/nights with a humidifier adding humidity when needed. However, humidity here is beginning to creep in. I’ve got a dehumidifier ordered and heading my way. The only thing left I need is a portable a/c with manual controls. We have a lot of power outages in the small town I live in. So I utilize the Wireless Tag Sensor System to maintain everything in conjunction with TP-Link smart plugs. Which, in the event of an outage; will switch back on automatically when the power is restored. So a portable a/c with manual controls (not digital at all, just dials & a power switch) is the only remaining piece of the puzzle.

My question is, do you have any suggestions where I can find this type of unit? Seems like nowadays every portable a/c is strictly digital and useless for my application.

BTW - The wireless tag system is awesome and so very affordable.

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You can remove digital controls and add a thermostat with batteries and general purpose contactor to fix that problem. Any licensed HVAC or electrician should be able to figure it out

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True. I really wouldn’t even need the t-stat as the unit will be directly upstairs feeding down via ducting to the bottom vent of the tent. So the unit’s t-stat wouldn’t even be measuring properly being that it’s in another room. But I definitely will do some more research into removing the digital controls and adding a relay. Thanks @Mush4kush

Thanks @ILGM.Stacy for posting this for me.

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My a/c I got at Walmart. It’s on wheels it’s the one for inside about three feet tall u can easily move it any where hook out the vent hose to windows or duct then good to go even has temperature checker

LOL i’m sorry but when i got the email a couple days ago asking if there was anything i needed i asked for twin blond ladies in mid twentys and a couple million dollars @ILGM.Stacy but i am a creepy old man anyways.

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some digital units have a ‘power failure’ option,
my dehumidifier has it, when u unplug it and plug it back in it resets to my settings,
idk about potable a/c units, i do not like them, a window shaker is better.!

Window unit would be great if I had an actual window to put it in. But I’m limited to the small room it is in. I found a dehumidifier with manual controls on Amazon, It arrives today. I have a portable A/C that was slated for my recording studio machine room. It appears to have manual controls but I’ll be testing it probably this weekend to be certain it can handle an outage. Thanks for your input @SlowOldGuy Hey, can you provide the make/model or link to your dehumidifier? Maybe the manufacturer makes similar A/C units???

@Lostscuba What is the make/model? Also, are you able to kill the power to it (either unplug and wait 5 minutes or flip the breaker to it and wait 5 min AND after restoring the power to it, it returns to its original ON state and settings?

Yes it’s a good one but I don’t understand what your trying to say ?

They’re asking if you lose power at your place, does the unit automatically come back on when the power comes back on. Or do you have to turn it on when the power comes back on.

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You have to turn it on. But it’s a three in one air conditioning humidity fan and when then power comes on it comes on but u have to hit the power button

both my window a/c and dehu. r Fridgidaire units.
both r digital and have ‘power failure reset’.!
my a/c was unplugged for 2 months, plugged it back in a few days ago and it came right on to the correct settings.!!

Now when my basement use to flood in Nebraska, I would use natural wood charcoal in a waste can and it would dry out and stop the smell and mold from forming.