Does anyone know what this is?


These are 2 week old GSC extreme autos. They’re in FFOF. The lower leaves are veining, then turning brown and dying.


Im not 100% but looks like leaf miners to me


Try this: ILGM Grow Support Ticket
FFOF is known to be hot for seedlings. plus Leaf miners looks like. Guessing game without more grow info. You can try Capt. Jacks dead bug, I’d replant in FFHF/perlite top1/2, FFOF/perlite bottom 1/2 of pot.
pH to 6.5, water outside the width of the leaves and not much! Roots will seek out water and grow as they do. Don’t smother/drown roots with water.

Thank you for that. Can I use diatomaceous earth for the possible leaf miners?

:point_up:This is correct. Diatomaceous earth won’t help you here. Pick up some captain jacks dead bug. Douse the plant at lights off.


Sounds like ur ffof is too hot and ur plants are getting burnt if ur going to use ffof your better of putting some coco coir mixed with worm castings in the middle so ur seedling is growing in coco coir before it reaches the ffof

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Thank you!