Does “701 Diesel” exist?

I purchased a 6” high plant at a dispensary back in April. On the side of the cup it said “701 Diesel” and I believe 60% sativa/40% indica. Maybe I’m mistaken or maybe they were but the only thing I can find online is “710 Diesel”. Anyone know that “701 Diesel” actually exists??? TIA for any input.


It’s probably someone writing or printing the tags is slightly dyslectic, or they were too high. The 710 usually refers to extra oily strains good for pressing. Or OIL backwards. That’s why July tenth is dab day, 7/10.

I have heard some old cali strains sometimes would add 707 to it. Like 707 headband for example. Those ones are referring to the northern California area code 707 where they were bred and made popular.

Unless it’s a clever reference to the area codes, and you happen to live in North Dakota in the 701 area code and that strain was developed there… that would actually be a really clever strain name for a breeder in ND.

Totally random unrelated mind tangent of mine… would F150 be a good strain name. I bet ford owners would buy it like hotcakes without knowing why. Drafting or riding the coattails of fords advertising campaign. Especially if it was a good novel strain to boot.


I think you’re right with the Ford thing. It would definitely stick just like Ford does to the wall of a racetrack , side of the road or a muddy trail :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: jk jk you are 100% correct it would sell by association alone. Before you Ford guys tar and feather me you must know that I am not partial to any car company just thought it’d be a good chance to have a little fun.

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