Doctor in the house?

Is this an issue? FFOF soil in three gallon pots. Watering about every three days splitting one gallon for 5 pots. Every other watering two tsp per gallon of FF Big Grow. Best I can tell Ph about 6.8. PPM runoff a little less than 600. Started to flower maybe 2 days ago. Today I set the timer for the lights to 12/12. Three Gelato autos and two Gold Leaf photos. The autos seem to be developing rusting leaves mostly at the bottom 1/3 of the plant. The tops seem healthy enough and they are making small flowers. Any ideas?


Perfectly normal.



Is that the only nute you are giving?
Its great for vegging but now tbat you are in flower you will need tiger bloom. The Big Bloom is for feeding the microbial life inside your soil, i dont know if it is absolutely required but it does make a difference in the overall health of your plant.

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looks good normal to have the bottom leaves turn and fall off the drooping of the leaves is an indication of just got water or needs water.

The yellow is fine imo, the leaves do not look healthy to me. I think you may be watering too much. Do you ensure the soil is dry hefore watering? The nitrogen level looks ok as well. Id back off on the water and possobly the nutrients if your going full throtle. But it could be a number of things. Start with a water mwr in my opinion. I do not think she is healthy. I also wouldn’t have flowered her while looking like that, you want her ready to drink tons of nutrients and give all that energy to making the buds. If it happened after you switched to the 12/12, then it could be simply stress, its got to adjust.


Up until now (37 days) I have been reluctant to go with full schedule nutes. The girls didn’t look happy yesterday so I decided to go full throttle with the FF trio as per the FF web site chart. I figured it would either kill them or improve them. This morning they look pretty good. The one Gold Leaf has two leaves that are rusting but that maybe left overs from yesterday. I think I will try Cal-Mag ether today or tomorrow. Its warm in my grow space so I think they tend to dry out fairly quickly. When I do water they get about a quart each. Just barely enough to have some runoff in the tray beneath. I have been watering every 2 or 3 days. Maybe to much or to little. I don’t water until the top inch or inch and a half fells dry with my finger, My auto Gelatos are making lot of buds. The light I switched to for flowering is a much yellower light that the bright white light I used before. The Gold Leaf appear to be maybe thinking about flowering. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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Depending on the water you use (if R.O or distilled) and Lights (LED) you will wanna calmag at every watering and feeding. If tap or well, prolly dont need to worry about calmag.

I use 3.5 gal airpots and during flower you will start to see an increase in consumption. I water/feed with 1/2 gallon liquid every other day. On avg. Be prepared to water more frequently. Try to keep temps between 75 and 82 degrees.

Water, feed, water ,feed. You will be good to feed more now. I use FF trio as well as the FF soluble pk booster trio. At this stage you shouldnt hurt em with just trio. Water to 10% runoff and test that runoff. This will help you track your plants consumption.

I use same size pots, 1/2 gallon max.

Your gonna be just fine.