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Molasses serves a couple different purposes. For organic growers it feeds the microbes and fungi in the soil that feed the plants. Ontop of that, it has lots of minerals and various nutrients (like P and K) but also sugars that drive terpene production. Outside of your soil it can be used in the makeup of compost tea. As for when to use it. If in non organic soil start using it as flower begins. Start with 1 tblsp per gallon in early flower, then up to two tblsp per gallon as the plant gets bigger. Have a great day @bbdeb1958

Appreciate the break down, had no idea why everyone pointed towards certain perlite i just took their word for it…


Hey doc. So I have 2 lux 9000k clone strip led lights full spectrum. They should be perfect for seedlings right ?

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Id ask @dbrn32 about anything light related

I think this is perfect for seedlings. @dbrn32 how long would I keep my plants under this light?

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Saw this on insta thought you all might like it.


I saw that!! Very interesting!!

A couple of those should work. I’m not sure for long, would probably depend on how many plants. I could see them lighting 4 or so solo cups pretty well. For me, 14 days or so in solo cups of coco is usually ready for transplant. That’s probably when i would need bigger light.


Apparently the stuff in trichomes is actually harmful to cannabis too - that’s why it lives in bulbous heads on stalks elevated away from the plant. Weird, huh?


Huh. Now that’s new to me! Never thought of the structure as being protective.


That is very interesting

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Hey here is the 2 seeds together. What do you think?. I am going to leave them together


Train them in opposing directions so they dont fight eachother for light.


Like I did here with these 2 Super Critical bud CBD:



After harvest:

They were in a 10 gallon air pot… :crazy_face:


That strain pretty good? Someone told me it was great for pain and ordered some but havent put any in dirt yet…looking forward to it though.

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@TransplantedFarmgirl Howd that seedbank work out for you? I ordered some after you turned me on to them…thanks again for the heads up!!

No soil, strictly coco? I used soil and didnt have great results so went back to seeding direct into forever pot… Soil where i screwed up?

Well that 2 seeded plant is in the control of my roommate and he chopped it down. Left one.

The best, imo. It was highly recommended to me when I bought it… And everyone that tried it so far has been very happy with it! :yum:

You can also ask the Boss Dork, @AfgVet:smiling_imp:


@Nubie419plus1 to answer your question about the Super Critical Bud, both my husband and my dog use the strain daily for pain and inflammation.

My husband for degenerative disk issues. He asked that I keep it in the rotation. Relieves his pain while letting him remain very functional. I do still tell him no power saws though lol

My almost one and a half year old dog who was born with floating knee caps is on 5mg of oil 2-3 times a day. THC was recommended by his vet as an anti-inflammatory for his knees and to calm his very high energy. After trying CBD, then THCA, then THC with varied bad results this strain worked excellent. He seems pain free unless he does something really stupid like chase a deer.

……and @kaptain3d is truly the BOSS of all DORKS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: