Doc's never ending adventure

Often the most fine. Thanks @PurpNGold74 it was a good day! Tranquil you might say.


Awesome! Your pics didnt load but the rest sounds amazing!
Hell yeah I wanna party!

67 is a great drying temp. Your gonna be happier while your away having chopped her down.

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Off and running!

Gotta know to grow and gotta grow to know.

Update- gonna harvest in a couple of days, they look ready I just want the watering they just got to get used up before I chop. Its a lil earlier then I want but Im outta flower and getting ready for the carpets to get cleaned.

Amelia is doing great, started the flowering clock today

No training aside from leaf tucking, and I sacraficed a couple finger leaves to allow the top under it to get light. Decided to just let her go au natural.


Thought id put together a diagram of the sacraficed finger leaf.


Thanks for the kind words. I must not have waited for them to load. Let’s try again.


Beautiful harvest. Also Amelia is looking beautiful. I have a couple growing au naturel myself was told they were autos so I just wanted to see the cycle well not autos lol oh well going to flower this weekend yay


Hello my new friend. I am hoping for some insight. This lady was beautiful and uniform green this am and this when i got home from work.
Using a dome…and light close and its been happy.
Will you share your thoughts with me?


I must say that looks pretty severe.

How close and what kind of light?

Dome has been on and it was green?
Can you be sure nothing got on the plant, was the dome clean with no chance of residue?
Has it been damaged, fallen over?
I have never seen this happen but if nothing could have gotten on it, I suspect the light may have bleached it.

Nothing got on it and no damage. It seriously happened over 8 hours. Light is about 12 in but it stopped getting tall and seemed so happy. Back off the light maybe?


A bit 5 inches or so


Harvest Day! A little earlier then I wanted but got time constraining me, sooner I get the carpet done the sooner I can set up again. Two weeks to dry and prepare.

Flushed Amelia also, she came out looking great and has been fed.

Im gonna do a half feed next time the pot is dry to push the nute level back up.




This explains a lot. 10 years no drinking not so long with 1yr off meth. It’s been a ruff year but still a year. Just thought I’d throw that all your way. Happy late birthday by the way


Just a quick question for ya doc. Do you need or would you like any spores to observe with your microscope? I have some interesting ones?

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Forgot beautiful harvest mate!

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I just cut today bb#3 #2


Nice haul growmie! :farmer:


Nice haul brother!!! What the bucket of liquid for btw?

I’m gonna guess it is to raise humidity a bit.
2nd guess would be bud wash bucket.

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