Do you see white hairs? I do but i'm not sure they are the right ones

I finally have some decent pictures, but i’m not sure they show the white hairs indicating they are girls. Can you tell sex from these pictures? I’ve seen balls on many plants but I could’ve missed them too. Let me know if you see anything. Thanks in advance.

45 days old…fox farms ocean forest…5 gal cloth…RO water…BioCanna veg and boost

Get a little closer to the main branch if possible. Looks overwatered as well. I’m no pro, but they’ll jump in soon enough and help square it away. Good luck! Happy growing!


I was gonna say the same. She’s looking a little saturated. If you show where the nodes meet that would be helpful


Don’t water for 3 or 4 days look over watering and I see some cal mag deficiency.
For the pistills wait like 2 or 3 more weeks

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It’s hard to tell but I think these might be pistils (the hairs youre talking about) in here. Try getting a better shot of this area.


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I did have cal-mag deficiency…I didn’t know I needed it until I had an issue. I just got it the other night and although I had watered the day before I watered again so they could get cal-mag…hence the overwatering…

@PamV water you plant every two or three days and cal mag you can add went you water you plant or went you feed her or all time

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Thanks…I’m trying to recover from a calcium deficiency…


Yep that’s female congrats

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Only water/feed when the soil is DRY and light. It is not advisable to “water your plant every 2 or 3 days” I can almost guarantee that if you go by that time based watering schedule, you will over water.

By light, I mean pick your buckets up when you water them and everyday after. This is to get a feel for how light they will be when they NEED watering/feeding.


NYDon is right water when dry and light.

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I believe these are the pistals…for both plants…do you agree?

Looks girly to me but,Pics are a little poor. Don’t be afraid to move those leaves so your camera will focus on your intended target.

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