Do u need exhaust fan for dry box. Making dry box

My intake fan runs 24/7. My exhaust runs with my lights. Just keep in mind this can introduce positive pressure which allows odors to escape. If this is an issue you’d want the exhaust running all the time as well.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
I should probably just make a new post, where on here would be the best category on the site?
I was going to get one of those grow tents to dry my plants in and was trying to figure out how I should set up the air current.

So in order to drop Temps and increase humidity I should have my swamp cooler just run higher then my exhaust fan?

Or get an Inkbird temp/hum gauge to hook up into the swamp cooler and maybe get a humidifier if the swamp cooler doesn’t increase the humidity enough.

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Oh you’re talking for the drying tent. I just run a small fan in the tent for a little air movement and run my exhaust on half speed for drying.


Im getting my systems set up and im wondering if i use a tent to cure my flower do i still use my exust fans in it

Welcome. Air needs to be moved during the dry process.
Statically connect dry tent to main grow tent and let grow tent negative pressure suck air from dry tent. Changing air slowly will assist dry process. Good drying to you.
@BobbyDigital has the plan.

Swamp cooler is a good idea i never thought about that