Do the first leaves of my plant look okay?

Question from a fellow grower:

These seeds germinated but as you can see they are not the same seeds. Two seeds only have two leaves and not 4. What kind of seed are those?

How can these be the from the pack of feminized seeds from my order? The leaves don’t match. There are two of the five with no secondary leaves.

The secondary leaves will come, all cannabis plants start out with just the one set of round shaped leaves and no others. Some take longer to grow their first set of true leaves.
One things for sure and that is your light is way too far away, which is why the stems are so long and lanky.


Sorry to go another direction here but you might want to get your lights closer. You’re stretching a bit.

Good luck! I hope they grow huge nugs for you!


All looks fine to me
And agree with @BondPacker and @Matthew420
That you should get lights closer to prevent stretching
Good luck with it :upside_down_face:

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Great answer very well explained,



Thanks for the advice! I moved the lights down and the three e doing eat lie the Dr two seem to be deformed. Any advice?

I did and it made a difference. I had to build a little hut for them but they are strong for the most part, but those two little ones look deformed to me.