Do spiders eat spider mites?

lol i’m embarrassed to ask this. i had a long spider strand in my tent this morning. we live at a lake and there are spiders everywhere. i don’t see the spider today but will keep a lookout for it.


Good ? Dont have answer but I am intrested to know

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I had a tent outside I move it inside and there was a big sack of spiders I killed alot but next day they had went into my light and died have not had issues since

we get real neat dew enhanced webs, but every time you go out on the boat you have to wipe it down to get rid of all the webs

I supposed it would depend on the type of spiders. If they’re predatory towards things like mites, gnats, etc., they’d be a good thing!


I have little normal spiders in my tent, little security guys for gnats @monkman , plus in Australia they are real spiders.
Spiders that kill.


Sydney Funnel Web Spider

Atrax robustus

Family: Hexathelidae (Australian Funnel-Web Spiders). 50 Australian species.
Size: Body 10-50 mm
Distribution: Eastern Australia, mainly in NSW, especially near the coast from Newcastle to Nowra and inland to about Lithgow, i.e. within about 100 km of Sydney. But also can be common in central NSW, and occasionally found in Victoria.
Habitat: They prefer damp forested gullies and other moist woody ground locations, such as rotting logs. Are often found when clearing dead trees or looking for firewood. Their webs are funnel shaped and close to or on the ground.
References: Brunet. Whyte and Anderson. Wikipedia

Atrax robustus is mainly active at night, they like damp and could become dehydrated in the daytime. They have eight eyes.

Danger: The Sydney Funnel-Web Spider is considered by some authorities to be the world’s most dangerous spider. Deaths have occurred in as little as 15 minutes. However there have been no deaths since antivenom was developed in 1981. The male’s venom is 6 times more toxic than the female, and no severe bites by females have been recorded. Unlike many spiders which run away from people, Sydney Funnel-Webs are very aggressive and will attack if disturbed. They can live a long time underwater and should never be presumed dead if found in water, such as a swimming pool. Their dangerous component of their venom, atracotoxin, only harms humans and other primates and they are not dangerous to other mammals.

Treatment: A funnel-web bite is regarded as a medical emergency requiring immediate hospital treatment. From, “Quick action saves lives: A pressure immobilisation bandage (PIB) must be applied as soon as possible after a Funnel-web spider bite or from any large black spider suspect (e.g. a mouse spider or trapdoor spider). IF PIB applied and medical attention obtained quickly - then a few days recovery time in hospital is required in most cases.”

The bandage must firmly applied (but not too tight) - as tight as for a sprained ankle. Wrap the entire limb that was bitten. Rest the limb or other affected body area (and the entire patient) as much as possible while getting them to hospital as quickly as possible. This is the same treatment as for Australian venomous snake bites.

Note that dead spiders usually fade in colour, so nearly all the spiders will look blacker or darker in colour in real life than they do in the photos of dead spiders from the museum.

yea, u guys have some of the worst creepy crawlys’ in the world lol

Is that the dreaded Ozzy “Jumping Spider”?

Or is that a different worry…

I have heard there are spiders down there that will attack instead of being reclusive, and they were the most deadly in the world

More to the OP’s point though, I’ve heard that the common Lady Bug hunts and eats mites

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yes, i know, but at a lake we have a ton of spiders and not that many lady bugs lol

I’ll bet you have even more mosquitos!

yes, more and an incredible variety of them

They say where I live that the skeeters can pick a deer up and carry it off into the woods to finish bleeding it dry…

I recently, and in spite of all I have said about humidity and temperature, that there were browned areas on some of the leaves of my plants - so i began to look at the little black gnats that were in the tent and decided they had to go

In the 1 1/2 gallon sprayer I added two quarts/liters of rubbing alcohol and used that to mist them for the last three days. I made sure to spray the top of the dirt as well, and now I do not see any of them anymore

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But these plants are now right on the edge of going into Flower stage, I have been holding off until a four foot by four foot (approximately 1.3 by 1.3 meter square bottom) new tent can arrive so that the top that I am attempting to root can have a place to grow in 18/6 light hours when I switch the rest to 12/12

Where I will put it I just don’t know right now

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