Do spider mite survive


Is spider mite survive -20°
Do mite eggs survive in ice box 24hour?

-20 I’m guessing is Celsius ?
Yes they die around 20 degrees F

And the other question I’m unsure of
If they are predator mites I doubt it but you should check with where you got them

Ok thanks but its the hell mites not Good one and want all killed.

If you dont have plant in your tent and clean it out so if I missed some spot let say do eggs and some mites survive anyway to plant 15days or more need answer if some Good guy know?

I’m not sure if they would serving 15 days in an empty tent that doesn’t have a host source for them to be on

Also consider something like this

Can be found on Amazon
If you find mites on your plant use this !

Have azamax nemeoil and stuff but winner is predetors benefit they eat it all up but not eggs.
So they come back that why need if eggs and all die if no plant to eat?