Do Si Girl leaf damage

I’ve got a hybrid photo of Do Si Do and Girl Scout Cookies. I started a clone in a 5 gallon bucket that was drilled around the bottom, filled with clay pebbles and covered with eight inch screen. I put a mixture of soil, compost, peat moss, perlite and granulated fertilizer. It wasn’t long before the leaves were yellowing and nothing helped. I ended up cutting every branch and attempted to grow using Rootone. They all died but that’s another story. So, the base plant started growing like crazy. I replanted today in the same bucket using only bagged garden soil and mushroom compost 60/40. There are leaves dying on one stalk and light yellowing barely visible on a few leaves too. The plant was in a tent with 18/6 lighting 18” away. I’ve relocated it outside the building to enjoy the heat and sun all day. Maybe the replant and sun will save the me but what I’m I missing?

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This may have been the problem. I’ve never been a big fan of water release nutrients. They are impossible to gauge and control honestly.

Looks like the nitrogen may have been a tad too much. She has some seriously burnt tips. Is that how the yellowing started? From the outside tips inwards and immediately looking ‘burnt’?

Also that soil looks pretty compact and clunky. More perlite is ALWAYS welcome in my grow closet. I’d also look into 3 things.

A good pH meter (Apera or BlueLabs are the best imo)

A tad/ppm meter (can get a 10-12 cheapie here. It works)

And a more canna friendly nutrient lineup. Fox Farms works. Bit pricey but we’ll known. Jacks 321 is the cheapest most effective thing I’ve seen around here. Alaska Fish Ferts are my personal choice. There are a ton of options. Do a little research and find you a brand you can trust


I’m finding smaller containers, say less than
10 gallons or so, becoming more difficult each summer with increasing temps. Especially black ones. I took a laser thermometer to one and it read over 103°. @PurpNGold74 threw out some good info also! But I closed down outdoor this year after my first auto fluffed out and foxtailed everything heat stress can do lol

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