Do pollinated female plants need to be in flower for longer

Hi there everyone :wave: I’m in at least the eighth week of flower and have noticed that my plants must have been pollinated and think that I’ve got seeds in the buds and about only 10% of the pistils have turned orange. My question is do you have to leave it in flower longer until the seeds have ripened and will it still be a okay smoke if i get the seeds out

I have a slightly different situation but it might help if you know whether it’s Sativa dom or Indica dom it can give ya an idea of how long flowering usually goes for… I have 2 Indica dom photos + a Sativa dom in my small tent right now Indicas are usually around 8 to 9 week flower time and Sativas 10 to 12 I’m on week 8 in that tent today and the 2 Indicas are really close and the Sativa still has several weeks all the same age… 1 of my Indicas is a hermie I’ve spent many hours picking pollen sacs and bananas off of her but she is foxtailing like crazy and the hairs are all orange except for where the new calyxes are growing… all three plants have been pollinated and have fully developed seeds and many are ripe already… even the Sativa is at least 2 weeks away from harvest still has many white hairs and clear trichs but has fully developed ripe seeds

I’ve noticed the ripe ones kinda show them selves through the pod slightly and the unripe just look like big calyxes once ripe most of mine have kinda popped the calyx

The answer is yes, if you want viable seed it must remain on the plant as long as possible. In fact, some of the seed will fall out if its pod too. The bud will still be smokeable. Virtually all pot in the 70s and 80s was seedy pot from mexico and columbia, it snapped and crackled if the seed wasnt removed. We used to break up the weed with our fingers and place it on a plate, sort the seed by rolling to one side.


Can anyone help me out and try to tell me if these are males or females

and this one is the one that I’ve got seeds in can anyone tell me if it’s a Hermie or has it been pollinated by the males i threw away I mustn’t have got rid quick enough

Could you help me out and give me your opinion on whether my girl is a tranny or got pollinated i did have a male but thought that i had gotten rid of it in time but obviously not :sob: here’s a few pictures your opinion is appreciated :+1:.

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too difficult to say with those images? They are flowering, so they are females! If they have anything that looks bananas on em could be hermies. Often people confuse swollen female calyx as a seed pod. If they are hermies just ripen them and sort out the seed before you smoke it. Or use it for edibles… no loss either way.

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the twin hairs on the main stem will have long dried up and dropped off by now. The only hairs being made during flower are in the flower.