Do plants absorb Nutes at the ph of soil or the feed

My plants as of late been having some ph problems which led to the thought “Do plants absorb Nutes at the ph of soil or the feed?”. I ensured that the ph of my feed (or regular water) was on point (6.00) yet when I check the run off the ph was out of wack 7-8 ph.

I used to think that once my feed’s ph was fine everything would be fine but now you see what has been happening which warrants the question: is it the soil or feed ?


I grow in soil at a pH of 6.5. The pH in the root zone is what is important.


And you get that measurement by testing soil run off? Or an instrument that is placed directly in the soil?


I can do either as I do have an electronic soil pH probe (BlueLab) in addition to my liquid pH probe (Extech).

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Nutes are taken up at different rates. Some are absorbed quickly like nitrogen and Iron vis
the root zone, so that would be at feed pH. Other Nutes have a slower uptake like Phosphorous and Potassium are absorbed thru the soil slowly. That’s why the pH level of the two (Soil and feeding) has to be metered at a steady pH level and suggested to kept very close.