Do I need to Dab

Or couldn’t I just take more hits?


??? What are you talking about? Lay down the pipe man! :rofl:




:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


This is a fun post. Moved to a more suitable section to get fun answers.


I sure need to dab
Be right back



This is the funniest thing I’ve read in awhile.

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I’m going to try to answer this in a realistic manner without sounding condescending or anything.

Dabbing is highly concentrated and will get you absolutely ripped. What that equates to is fewer hits to get very high and less carcinogenic smoke entering your lungs. You could smoke blunt after blunt, but then you have a lot of organic material combusting, meaning possibly much worse for your lungs.

Your best option would be to get a volcano :volcano: vaporizer and get zero combustion and all of the thc.

I’ve smoked weed for 30 years and have a pretty good idea of that part of the process. I’m only 42. Smoke on, brother.


This is always talked about within the industry. How can I get more ripped?
My wife and I go threw just under 1lbs of flower per month. I know the feeling. Lol

*The number one response is always slow down on the consumption from time to time. This lowering your overall tolerance. (Who wants to take this rout)

*Hit the juicer. The dab/vape pen. Being alittle higher in overall % it’s an alright choice. But, those are only tested for what goes into the cart. There is nO testing on what happens to those chemicals after they are turned into a vapor per and enter the lungs. Those 3 additives now turn in to over 300 un-known. (I will never juice again)

*Make some extremely potent edibles. I made a few mega cookies and pasta a few weeks ago. Shit man I could only eat 1/2 cookies before I got strangely quiet. Lol Don’t just Decarboxylation flower for your oil/butter. Toss in an oz of hash. It adds a nice little kick.

*Make some home bubble hash. Ours seems to be quite about higher than what can be found in the local shops. Rather than a morning bowl start with a morning sizzle. If it don’t bubble it ain’t worth the trouble.

Happy farming my friend…


Thank you

Thank you