Do I need an exhaust

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a 4 by 5grow closet and a 400 watt mh for veg and400 HP’s for flow problem is HF eat I have portable ac running inside do I still need exhaust fan

air needs to come in and out of your grow space. Plants need co2 to live and grow.

A intake hole is usually low or plant level on one side of the room and a out take fan is usually placed high on the other side of the room…it will help with air circulation. Most people also attach a carbon air scrubber to reduce the sweet pungent smell of a successful grow room.

I assume you mean you have AC in the room that your tent is in>?. If so. You can buy An AC duct booster fan for about 29 bucks, and place it in one of the top “exhaust” holes in your tent. This will draw cool air from your room into the tent through bottom “intake” holes in the tent allow for cool air to recirculate, from your AC room through tent and back out.

A scrubber is a great idea, and you should have an oscillating fan on constantly inside the tent. Hope this helps.