Do I just trim the stems and yellow leaves off,

As the buds suck up the Green from leaves, do I just trim off stem right at the plant stock.
I’m waiting till it turns completely yellow , or is this one plant screwed.
White widow— auto flowering plants.

9 weeks oldish

edit for profanity: watch the language please

Looks like she is hungry for p/k. Just my eyes. Looks like eating the leaves a bit early. Better eyes will be here soon.

What’s PK???

Phosphorous and potassium. Flowers use. If they are not getting it they will steal it from wherever. Bloom nutes now if havent. Someone will put up a support ticket soon. Before can dial it in need good info. This is a pure guess with just a picture.


NPK is what the values on fertilizer are. ie: 8-8-8 or 10-10-10 etc.
It stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium (K) those are the basic building blocks that all plants need.
Cannabis generally needs less N and more P+K during flower.


I fed her the boost .
All I had was grow , bloom and ,boast.
Thought boosts might be best
80 degrees and 52% humidity in tent right now with led light on.
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